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Kaboo Casino: The Sci Fi Universe Of Modern Gaming

It is hard to deny the fact that we live during the technological era and everything that we are used to is changing at the speed of light. Surely, some things are constant, for instance, the human desire to have fun. That is why there are so many known ways that we can entertain ourselves with. The casino is one of the oldest and exciting things that we refer to in order to try out the fortune as well as to have some distraction from the regular and monotonous lives.

The simple fact stands unchanged – through the decades now, even the most constant things need to adapt. This means that with the development of the Internet, land-based casinos have an ever-growing number of online competitors. If you take the land-based casino runners, that is usually viewed as a disadvantage, however, for a player who likes to participate in casino games without leaving their cozy houses, that is certainly a huge advantage.

Just like with everything else that you can find online these days, you need a trusted casino to play with. What is more, apart from the trustworthiness, the casino should be appealing and unusual to attract as well as keep more customers in tack. As a matter of fact, we happen to have such a casino in mind. Today we are going to review a super innovative and cosmic casino – Kaboo Casino! Hold on to your seats!

Casino policy

To begin with, it needs to be stated that the casino is neither too old nor too young. It was founded four years ago, in 2015. If you think about it for a while, you will come to realize that the establishment date is more than perfect since the casino hasn’t had a lot to adapt to while it is ever developing to suit the modern needs and requirements.

The owners of the casino are Betit Operations Ltd which is based in Malta. The truth is that Kaboo is not the only creation of the company, it has two sister-casinos – Thrills and SuperLenny, however, the latter is already closed. In general, it is safe to assume that the casino holders are not new to the industry. Thus they know perfectly well as for what they are doing and how to do it best.

Partially, it is true since the minute you get into the casino site, you will be amazed at how unusual and thrilling it is. It is like entering the spaceship and going on a journey. Besides, there are special missions that the casino offers its users to complete to gain Echoes. Echoes are a kind of a special currency that the casino uses to appreciate loyal customers. You can easily convert the Echoes into free spins or anything of the kind.

Obviously, not all gamers are sci-fi fans, that is why the interstellar theme will not conquer the hearts of all. Nevertheless, it seems that the casino knows a perfect way to deal with that. The fact is that the choice of games on offer is more than appealing. Besides, most of them are designed by leading game developers, such as NetEnt as well as Microgaming.

Last but not least, it needs to be pointed out that due to the fact that the casino holder company is based in Malta, Malta Gaming Authority license is in place. However, that is not the only license that the casino holds since the UK Gambling Commission approves it too.

To draw a finishing line, it is safe to say that Casino Kaboo is not only fresh meat in the industry, it is also a casino that offers its users a super innovative approach to online gambling.

Layout and languages

The moment you enter the casino lobby, you will feel that something is different, no matter whether you are a freshman at gambling or an experienced user. One of the most common ways that people imagine online casinos are lots of colors and flashy banners. That is not the case with kaboo.com. The thing is that the space theme is felt throughout the design and that is quite unexpected and thus awesome.

As for the navigation, it may turn out to be challenging if you are not experienced with the online world at all. If you have the basic understanding of how to search through the site, it won’t take you long to get the hang of the casino. All the categories are logically sorted. Besides, if you have not the slightest clue of what to start from, you can simply opt for the top games until you figure out what sort of games are your poison.

Those of you who are already experienced in the sphere of online gaming will easily find the game you need by using the search bar, which is also available on the site. Besides, English is not the only language that the casino is available in. You can choose between English, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian languages. However, the option to switch between languages is not that easy to find since to get there you need to scroll through the whole front page of the site. Yet, with this review at hand even the beginner player has nothing to worry about.

Game offers

Just like any other modern casino, Kaboo is centered around slot games. However, the general amount of the games presented is around 800. We would be lying if we said that the number is anything but impressive. As it has been already stated, all the games are provided by the known and trusted developers in the industry.

We are going to start the game offer journey with a few words about the slots suggested by the casino. The vast majority of slot games that you can find in the casino are 5-reel ones. If you have been into gambling for a while now, you will find a fair share of familiar games such as Gonzo’s Quest or Cleopatra. Nevertheless, it would be a bad gambling galaxy that has nothing fresh to offer its customers, that is why such new games as Burglin Bob can be spotted in the casino.

In general, there are slots for all tastes and preferences presented by Kaboo.

If you are more of a classy 3-reel slot gamer, there is a list of games to participate in too, though it is not that vast. Those of you who are always in for winning big, alluring jackpot slots are the ones you need, and Kaboo casino is more than generous when it comes to jackpots.

Clearly, there are also many traditional players among casino visitors. That is why the list of classic games suggested by the casino won’t disappoint you. There are many roulette versions to be a part of. If roulette is not your cup of tea since you are more a Blackjack type of player – the casino has it covered too. Besides, poker or red dog not to mention baccarat are presented in the table game lobby too.

All in all, it is safe to point out that in terms of design and game list, Kaboo is a casino worth your attention.

Live casino

If you go back as far as the beginning of casino gaming, you will find that slots haven’t been the main games in the industry, table games have been. That is why so many casino players remain devoted to the origins. All this means that apart from regular table games, there are those users who are primarily interested in the thrill of a live play.

Very often casinos preset the Live casino section, but in many cases it is somehow underdeveloped. kaboo.com decided not to go that way, and their Live casino section is full. No matter blackjack or roulette or poker is the live game of your preferences, you will find a few live tables in the casino.

What is more, as we have stated it at the beginning of the review, the world is ever-evolving and that is why so many customers are looking for a mobile-friendly casino. In many cases you will have access to the slot games, while Live casino can be accessed from the desktop only. Kaboo is not on the list of such casino – as long as you have a stable internet connection, you can easily participate in Live casino games, and that is clearly a tremendous plus.

Mobile gambling

Most of us can barely imagine modern lives without constant access to the internet and all the miracles related. That is why there are many casinos that pay a lot of attention to the mobile side of the business. Some casinos offer special apps to download to access the games from a mobile device, while others prefer instant access. Instant access means that there is no need to download any third-party application to play the casino games you want.

Casino Kaboo belongs to the latter category, which means that playing with the casino is easier than easy. What is more, unlike many other competitors in the sphere, the casino allows the player to access Live casino from the mobile device.

Truth be told, if we talk about the slot games that are available on most of the portable devices, not all the games that are presented in the desktop version will appear on a mobile one. However, the range to choose from is still quite impressive, the number of games you can play on-the-go is around 450.

To sum it up, it is safe to say that all that you need is a suitable device as well as the strong connection to the internet and you can gamble all day long!


No matter how attractive a casino can be, the lesser welcome bonus it offers, the less it is appealing. When we think about the majority of modern online casinos, it is safe to say that most of them offer 100% bonus on top of your primary deposit as well as some free spins.

When you brood upon the subject for a while, it is safe to assume that there is nothing new a casino can come up with to surprise the customers with. Nevertheless, Casino Kaboo managed to succeed in the area too. The thing is that instead of one welcome bonus, they offer two and instead of free spins, you can win a jackpot upon your registration.

The truth is that the primary bonus, as well as the secondary one, is not that generous when compared to other casinos. You can get 100% on top of your primary bonus and 50% on top of the secondary one. The sum of the bonus cannot exceed $50. Clearly, while some competitors offer $1000 as their welcome offer, a $100 suggested by Kaboo is almost nothing. However, you need to wait until we tell you some more about the relics that the casino adds to the offer.

The fact is that the Relic is added to the primary bonus package and in some cases, you can get minor perks such as free spins or free games, but the best-case scenario is a jackpot. Cool, isn’t it? Just imagine investing $20 as your primary deposit and winning as big as the ever-growing jackpot presented by the casino.

As you may have already guessed, there is a list of terms and conditions to stick to in order to reap from the welcome offer to the fullest. We are going to list the terms and conditions that are presented by the casino at the moment, but it needs to be pointed out that they may change over time and it is best to always check with the casino itself as for the most precise rules.

  • The primary deposit cannot be less than $20.
  • The maximum bonus cannot exceed $50.
  • There is a list of payment methods that do not apply to the welcome offer. They are Skrill and Neteller.
  • There is a staking requirement as for your won bonus – 40 times the bonus amount.
  • The bonuses will expire after 30 days.
  • The maximum bet is $5.
  • You need to always check with the game you play as for how much it contributes to the staking requirements.
  • Some games do not contribute to the staking requirement at all.
  • There is a list of countries, players from which can’t apply for the welcome offer.

There are some relic conditions, too:

  • First of all, you need to keep it in mind that there is no fixed content of the Relic, it changes all the time.
  • The Relic expires after 72 of not being opened.
  • If you win the jackpot, you can withdraw it without staking it.
  • In case you win bonus money from the Relic package, you need to stake the amount for 20 times.

Apart from the welcome offer, there is also a vast number of seasonal promotions that the casino offers. The promotions are never the same, and that adds up to the thrill.

Deposits and withdrawals

Even though there is a possibility to play for fun in the casino, most users choose to play for real. In order to take part in a real casino game, no matter whether you choose slots or any table game, you need money. That is why depositing, as well as withdrawing, when it comes to collection of your winnings, is of primary importance no matter the casino.

The fact is that Kaboo is a nice casino with the ultra-modern layout as well as an overwhelming range of games to participate in. The only downside is that there are not so many payment options available in the casino. Surely, you can select between Visa or MasterCard or Skrill and Neteller, besides Paysafe card is available too. The most popular payment options are covered, but there are not representative of minor methods. On the one hand, it means that the casino cooperates with trusted sources only, but on the other it may be quite limiting to some players.

In terms of depositing, they are almost instant, the exception is only for bank transfers. As for the withdrawals, it all depends upon the method you choose. Neteller and Skrill are the fastest agents. However, there are some limits set concerning these two particular payment options.

The deposit limit is $10 while the withdrawal limit is $50 000 daily maximum, as for the minimum withdrawal limit – it is $20.

In most cases, no issues are arising when it comes to either depositing or withdrawing your funds, but in case the problem occurs, you can always refer to the support team who can help you solve it.

Customer support

To tell the truth, it does not matter how informative of user-friendly a casino can be – there are always some issues arising that you need professional assistance with. This means that customer support is merely mandatory.

www.kaboo.com realizes that simple fact that to keep the customers happy and satisfied professional help is required, that is why their Live support is so easy to find. However, there is one downside to provided support option – it is not 24/7. What does that mean? That means that while it is daytime in New Zealand, it can be quite late in Canada and vice versa, while the support is related to Malta time zone.

Aside from that, the support is highly professional and attentive to all player’s needs.

Responsible Gaming

So far, we have discussed all the perks of playing at an online casino, but there are disadvantages too. To be honest, in some cases the downsides are far greater than the advantages. The thing is that not all the casino holders, as well as the players, understand the full meaning of gambling addiction thus not all of them try to prevent it.

Very often, the issue of responsible gaming is spoken of when the problem occurs, Kaboo casino tries to prevent the issue before it flourishes. How do they do it? To tell the truth, there are few ways that you can control your addiction and overcome it, but in most cases you need someone else to help you out a little in order to succeed.

The given casino starts with the issue of underage gambling prevention. All the parents who visit the site are offered to set up a certain program that will not allow the kids to try to gamble. Besides, the verification process that the casino offers is quite strict, and there is rarely a chance to pass by it.

If you are a fully grown-up who wants to have some gaming fun, the casino suggests four limits to choose from and to apply to your account. You can control your deposits, bets, stakes and as well as time spent on the site.

In most cases, the limits, as well as the Reality Check, help players keep track of their gambling so that there is no addiction on the horizon. Nevertheless, exceptions happen, that is why if you think that there is the addiction-forming, the casino provides a simple test to past. There is a list of questions to answer if you answer negative to all – there is nothing to worry about. However, if you get as many as four positive answers, it is best to consider a time out. Those who get more than four positive answers should consider self-exclusion. Both options are provided by the casino, all you need to do is to login into your account and choose the suitable one.

Last but not least, once the inevitable happens and you find out that you have a gambling problem, the casino provides the list of sources that you can refer to seek professional help.


As you can see, there is quite a list of things to consider while choosing the casino to play with. Not only should the casino provide a player with the most exciting range of games and attractive designs, but should also secure all the user experience on the highest level.

One of the components of your safe and secure gaming experience with a particular casino is the license that the casino holds. In many cases, the casino holds one trusted license, and that may be enough for some, but Kaboo holds two most reliable licenses and for those who have experience in the area matters greatly.

While the British Commission is the icon for uk players, MGA covers the rest of Europe as well as the world. Surely, secure gaming is just a tiny part of a larger whole since your private information as well as the payment data needs protection too. To ensure that the highest level of protection over the stated data, the casino uses SSL encryption so that no hack attacks or cyber stealing is possible.


There are many casinos that can be found online, most of them are different, some of them resemble each other. Kaboo casino is unique, and that is that. Clearly, just like any other competitor in the sphere is suggests similar games to participate in, but for the most part, you can always find something that you have never encountered before. What is more, you will hardly find such an attractive space design when looking for the casino of your dreams anywhere else. The sci-fi design will surely appeal to all the fan out there.

The ability to use the casino on your device without the slightest inconvenience deserves special attention too. Not only you can play your favorite slots online, but also table games not to mention the Live casino. In terms of the welcome bonus package, we think that the casino could have done better, but on the other hand, the possibility of winning the jackpot is clearly sweet.

There is a list of minor downsides that we have noticed, among them the limited payment methods list. While the major options are represented, some minors are left out. Even though, there is a live support option on the site, that fact that it is not available 24/7 makes it quite inconvenient for some people.

In general, it is safe to say that Kaboo is the casino that goes beyond just our galaxy. The storyline that every player can take part in will result in additional bonuses which also encouraging. Once the holders work on support and payment sections of the casino, it may have no rivals in the industry.

by author: Anthony J. Pelt