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Karamba Casino: The Most Complete Review

With the ever-developing online entertainment world, it is easier than easy to miss out something that is really worth the attention. In most cases, casino gamblers either seek something new or stick to the good old casinos that they are confident in.
That is quite a convenient strategy but not always the best one since while sticking to it, you can miss something hidden in-between.

Karamba Casino, for instance, is a casino that has been in the industry for over a decade now. The fact is that the casino was launched in 2005. It has stayed on the market but for all those years gaining its popularity and increasing the customer base but in 2015 it has been given a fresh start.

It is hard to call the casino a new-comer to the market, but as you may understand many things have changed over the last decade and the casino has had to adapt. All this influenced its outlook, the game offer as well as the welcome offer. So, no matter whether a fresh player or an experienced gambling shark you are, this review may be of interest to you.

Casino policy

Just before we proceed with further review of the particular casino, it should be mentioned that the fact that is was launched in 2005 plays a crucial part. The thing is that if the casino has made it through all these years and keeps on providing the service, it is certainly a trusted one. Surely, there were many things that 2005 lacked and the casino runners had to suit the casino to the ever-developing modern online world in 2015.

In case you do not know there are many things that add up to the casino’s reputation. Some people think that the game choice is the only thing that you need from a casino, but that is not true. A reliable casino should be licensed, should provide a secure payment system as well as a reliable gambling experience.

Speaking of Karambacasino, it needs to be said that it holds two the strictest, as well as the most trustworthy licenses there, are in Europe. We are talking about Malta Gaming Authority license and the United Kingdom Gaming Commission one.

People who are new to the gambling world may not know that there are some well-known casino games providers, and there are some less known ones. The game developers that have gained their reputation over the course of years hold the strict policy of not getting in touch with scam casinos. That fact that Casino Karamba cooperates with such gaming giants as Netent only adds up to its reliability.

All in all, it safe to say that Karamba is the old-new casino that every potential gamer needs to investigate.

Layout and languages

Those of you who haven’t tried playing at an online casino may say that just like the land-based competitors, all the online casinos feature the same or relayed layout. However, the experienced users know how far from the truth the assumption lies. One of the main and the most distinctive features that all the online casinos try to show is the most interesting design.

Casino Karamba is clearly not the exception to the rule, and it seems that before coming up with the design the creators gave a lot of thought to it. The thing is that the moment you enter the casino it looks like you have entered some exotic fantasy world. The joyful and bright casino parrot will greet and guide you throughout the casino. Surely, the whole theme is quite subtle, and that only adds up to the relaxed feel of the casino.

You can easily find and access any information you need from the casino. There is nothing hidden in the depths of the casino so that even an inexperienced user can easily get the hang of the casino in no time.

All the games are grouped into categories so that a player can find the game he or she needs as fast as possible. If it happens so that you know for sure which game you want to try, all you need to do is to type the name in the search bar, and the system will find it in a matter of seconds.

There are times when there is something new that a casino offers, but you are not entirely sure as to whether or not you want to bet on it for real. In times like this, you can try the game for free, or as they call it – for fun. Primarily, this applies to slots.

To sum it up, it should be noted that the casino is not only nice to look at but also easy to navigate through. Besides, the range of languages it is available in may surprise some customers since apart from German or Norwegian and a set of other languages you can choose between different variations of English. Rejoice Canada players!

Game offers

No matter what we say about the attractive layout, for most of you, it is essential to learn about the games that the casino has on offer. The truth is that in total there are over 200 games in the casino. When compared to some other casinos available in 2021, mildly put – the range is not impressive. However, those of you who have been gambling for a while know that quality goes before quantity. For the most part Casino Karamba provides that games developed by Netent, NextGen, Microgaming, and Amaya. These game developers are well known in the gaming world, what is more they belong to the most exciting as well as the most trusted ones.

The slot games prevail in the casino. That is why you can easily find some classy and also popular slot machines in the casino. It has been already mentioned that all the games are grouped into corresponding categories so that you do not need to spend countless hours looking for the game you would like to give a spin to.

It needs to be pointed out that no matter the amount as well as the quality of slots on offer, the casino is lagging behind in terms of jackpots. The fact is that Cosmic Fortune is the only jackpot game to try your luck in. Nevertheless, it should be stated that the casino runners have tried their best to succeed with most game fairness as well as honesty. If you do not take our word on that, you should probably trust the job done by iTech Labs. iTechLabs is the testing laboratory that tries out all the slots before they are presented to the players.

We have already stated it that the casino is mostly centered around slots, but that does not mean that there are no table games to take part in. Be it bingo, poker or blackjack you can easily find in the casino.

Frankly speaking, Karambacasino is a casino that does not care about the number of games they can offer, all they care about is the positive user experience as well as a tremendous amount of fun and entertainment.


Lastly, it should be also mentioned that apart from regular casino games, you can also try sports betting in the casino since Sport category is also presented. The category is relatively new to the casino, but it is as complete as it is supposed to be.

Live casino

There would be no casino is there was no Live casino option. That is why karamba.com also presents a Live casino category. The truth is that it may be not that vast when compared to other online casinos, but it is enough to cover the basic needs of the customers. You can choose between roulette, baccarat and blackjack.

Surely, if you are a devoted Live casino fun, this may be not enough for you, but if you are just beginning your path into the live gambling world, it is more than enough.

On the bright side, Karamba casino offers the player to participate in Live casino using the mobile device, while many other casinos do not support the initiative.

Mobile gambling

There is barely a gambler who wouldn’t like to enjoy their favorite games on the go. Luckily the modern mobile devices that most of us use allow that. The only thing that may be a little frustration is that fact that some casinos ask the customers to download a special app to play in the casino using a portable device.

Karamba casino does not belong to the category since to enter the casino from your mobile device all that you need is an internet connection and your browser. However, users who do not trust such an approach can download a corresponding application from iTunes, yet such an app will suit those of you who own iPhones or iPads.

Just like with any other mobile-friendly casino it is expected that the range of games available in mobile version will differ from the desktop one. There is a number of games to choose from but not all the games that can be found ion desktop version will be fitted to the mobile version. This means that it is best to test the mobile casino beforehand.

Another advantage for mobile users presented by the casino is that fact that you can participate in the Live casino using your device on-the-go. That is a handy addition for those who travel a lot. Nevertheless, it needs to be pointed out that a stable connection is a must so that your game is not interrupted and that there are no unexpected and unwanted losses.

All in all, it is safe to say that mobile version of the KarambaCasino runs smoothly, is responsive and simple to use.


We are more than sure that this is the part you have been waiting for most. There is nothing to be ashamed off, it is only natural to expect something from a trusted online casino as the appreciation for your choice. To tell the truth, there is rarely a huge customer base at the casinos that offer no deposit bonus.

When comparing with other casinos, karamba.com does not suggest a head-spinning welcome bonus, but the requirements as for claiming it are not that strict correspondingly.

The welcome offer that Karambacasino provides comes in three parts, each is different from the previous one, and that makes it even more exciting. Very often, casinos suggest 100% welcome bonus upon your primary deposit and karamba decided not to deviate from the tradition. Upon your primary deposit you can claim a 100% bonus up to $200. But that is not just it since 20 free spins come in package too.

As for the second deposit, Karamba casino offers 40 free spins. The third deposit includes another 40 free spins and also a bonus surprise on top of it.

If you sum it up, you will get $200 and 100 free spins in total. Not bad, don’t you think?

Now let’s talk about the terms and conditions applied to the welcome offer:

  • There is a minimum primary deposit amount which is $10. If you deposit the lesser amount you won’t get the offer.
  • The second deposit also has a minimum deposit amount which is $20. The same rule applies to the third bonus.
  • Just like with any other casino there are also staking requirements – 35x the bonus. You should meet the staking requirement within 21 days, no more.
  • Free spin bonus is valid for 24 hours only, if you do not spend the spins they will expire.
  • The winning from the spins cannot exceed $100, even if you win more, you will be unable to withdraw it.

Apart from the welcome offer, there are also different promotions that constantly change so that the players do not get bored. The only constant promotion that is constant is the Daily Bonus that is granted to loyal customers on a daily basis.


Apart from the appreciation bonuses, there is also a loyalty program for all the customers. If you decide to become a VIP player – all you need to do is to play the games and gain the point. There are seven different levels to reach in the VIP program. With every gained point you move up the program, and that means that the bonuses offered get sweeter.

All the VIP customers receive various bonuses in forms of free games, free spins, and some other interesting surprises.

As for the way to gain the loyalty point, the rules are simple – every point equals $40 staked. However, you should keep it in mind that bonus funds, as well as spins, are not taken into consideration.

If you are interested in the VIP program, you can easily find all the necessary information for the terms and rule on the casino’s website, unlike some other sources the casino does not tend to hide the information.

Deposits and withdrawals

It happens so that there are some casinos that are perfect in terms of user policy and game offers, but when you come to the deposit and withdrawal part, it leaves much to be desired. Surely, most players use the payment methods that are the most popular and trusted, however, their variety is wide. Taking all that into consideration, karamba.com has picked the best and the most versatile options to satisfy all the users’ needs.

You can choose between card deposits, e-wallets as well as bank transfers when playing with the casino. When it comes to depositing, all the deposits are almost instant, and there is no wonder why. However, you should keep it in mind that there is a stated deposit limit which is $10, you cannot deposit less, but you can deposit as much as you want since there is no maximum deposit limit.

In case you are completely new to the gambling industry, you may not know that the withdrawals can’t be instant. Depending upon your withdrawal method of choice, it will take a different amount of time to be processed. The fastest would be e-wallet option, while the slowest is the bank transfer. Besides, when you are trying to withdraw a huge sum, the casino itself needs some time to process the request.

You can easily withdraw as little as $10 and as much as $10 000 per one transaction.
All in all, it is safe to say that over the decade the casino holders made their best to pick the best payment options to meet all the customers’ requests.

Customer support

We do not tire of reminding the casino customers that no matter how fancy the casino is – there is always a bunch of problems you need to be solved. Therefore, professional support is a must. While some casinos choose to ignore the subject, others invest greatly into their support service.

In the case with Karamba casino, the support option is more than satisfying, and we are going to clear it out why. To begin with the FAQ is the most extensive that we have ever seen before. Basically every issue concerning every category of the casino is covered. So, once the problem arises you can successfully solve it just by reading through the FAQ section.

It may happen so that you have no time at your disposal to read through lots of information and get the issue resolved. In times like this, we suggest you opt for the Live chat support option, which is available 24/7. It should be pointed out that the creative design of the Chat button makes it easy to find as well as nice to look at. Once you enter the chat you will be presented with a number of categories to choose from. Choosing the category that is closest to your issue will help the support agent to answer it faster. Once
you chose the category you go straight to the Live agent chat, and there is a stated amount of time you need to wait for your response.

There are times when the issue you are dealing with is not that pressing and you can wait a couple of hours to resolve it. If that is the case, we suggest you opt for the email support, which is also presented on the site. Just send your emails to the support email address, and within a couple of hours you will get a complete response.

In general, it is safe to say that Karamba takes great responsibility for the services they provide and the support provided is of the highest quality.

Responsible Gaming

Addiction is a serious issue that some people need to deal with. While we all know about the drug or alcohol addiction, we tend to leave out the gambling one. The fact is that gaming is mostly viewed as a form of entertainment, but there are cases when mere fun transforms into a serious problem. That is why all the trusted casinos try their best to keep the customers safe from forming such an addiction.

Surely it is not enough to will that the players do not turn into gambling addicts. There should be some preventive actions involved. Taking all that into consideration, the casino trains their agents to not only be able to help the users with any casino-related issues but also to recognize a problem in order to prevent it.

Surely, the major task lies upon the players themselves. To begin with, if you feel that something is going south, it is best to test yourself as for whether or not it is safe for you to continue playing. There is a simple few-step test available on the site; all you need to do is to answer some questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ if ‘nos’ prevail – you have nothing to worry about, but if the positive answer prevails it is best to consider some responsible gaming option.

You can choose between deposit limits, reality check, cool-off, and self-exclusion options. All are available in your account. Besides, you can always access the deposit history to track your progress or regress with the casino.

We know that there are some severe addiction cases, and to assist players with gambling issues, the casinos enlists several sources to refer to in times like this.


When you start with any casino, it is highly important that you are safe with it. Any casino is not only a source of fun and entertainment but also of dangers connected with cyber thefts as well as data hacks.

The fact is that once you sign up with a casino, you provide a fair share of personal information that can be used for various fraudulent purposes. That is why it is important to check for valid licensing of the casino you choose. Luckily, Karamba casino holds two of the most respected licenses granted by the MGA and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This means that either England or New Zealand you are playing from – you are safe with this casino.

Apart from that, all the games on offer are tried out by iTech Labs. The laboratory ensures that there are no underwater stones when it comes to the fairness of the casino games.

That is not all when it comes to this casino’s safety. The thing is that the GoDaddy lock prevents any possibility of casino hacks as well as personal data leaks.

As you can see, the casino has developed a serious approach towards their players’ safety over the course of years they have been on the market.


Slowly but gradually we have reached the end of this complete 2021 review devoted to Karamba casino. To sum everything up, it is safe to say that the casino has gained its reputation through the years of existence starting with 2015 and up till now. Many things have changed over the period, but the casino manages to adapt.

Surely, the list of games on offer is not the widest there is but all of them are developed by trusted providers and cover the basic needs of a beginner as well as a regular customer. In terms of the welcome bonus – it is not too exciting at first glance, but the fact that it is achievable makes it quite attractive. Besides, the loyalty system that is offered by the casino is clear and appealing.

There is nothing negative to say about either the payment system or the customer support since both are professionally formed.

Last but not least, the safety system provided ensures complete security of both the players and their personal information.

by author: Anthony J. Pelt